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MRG gets constant calls on how to license up and become a member of the NAR.  A requirement of all agents at MRG.  There is a higher Ethical Standard with the NAR members and understanding the Commercial Code of Ethics.  At MRG Realty Partners, Honesty and Integrity rule the day always.  (put the CE shop link here and logo for licensing)

New & Experienced Agents

MRG Realty Partners does not hire everyone who applies. We are simply not a brokerage which will throw you into a scenario where you are not equipped. If you are a new agent just beginning, ownership at MRG takes pride in On Boarding New Agents Correctly. You will go through the Mentorship Program and Achieve Required Bench-Mark Standards based on a proven New Agent On Boarding Methodology.

If you are an experienced Agent / Broker, you likely know your area of expertise and if Category Positions are available, and you are not pleased with the lack of leadership that is pervasive in the Real Estate Transactional Industry at your current brokerage, please feel free to reach out directly.  We are a Growing Brokerage and are always looking for top talent and experience.


Thinking about getting your real estate license?  MRG has created a new agent kickstart program.  We not only provide our agents with great tools to facilitate their success, but we also want to do everything we can to ensure our agents are successful.  We can teach you marketing strategies that work and earn listings!  Contact us today to learn more about our new agent kickstart program.

Getting a real estate license requires 90 hours of pre-licensing education and successful passing grades on certain exams.  MRG is the proud partner of THE CE SHOP, an online real estate licensing and continuing education provider.  THE CE SHOP has created wonderful resources which make obtaining a real estate license incredibly easy and doable from your couch!  Click on The CE Shop advertisements below to be redirected to our CE Shop affiliate website and learn more about THE CE SHOP and real estate licensing requirements.  By Going through our website, you will receive an automatic 20% off any order.

Continuing Education

As all Realtors know, maintaining your real estate license requires obtaining 15 continuing education credits every year.  THE CE SHOP has created a large portfolio of relevant and helpful courses that you can participate in from the comfort of your home.  Licensed in more than one state?  No problem, THE CE SHOP can customize a courseload for you preferences courses that count towards both states’ licensing requirements.  Remember to access the CE Shop through our affiliate website by clicking on the advertisements below to receive 20% off your order.