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Success Stories


Marshal Suites

Developed by two MRG Realty Partner agents Sam Daoud and Max Schwartzmen, this incredibly successful project was conceived during an assembly of two single-family homes that sat high on two lots. This upper end St. Thomas Student Housing building is fully occupied and in high demand. Proving the value of Class A Student Housing in St. Paul, Marshal Suites is currently managed under the direction of Max and Sam under Fairway Management Services. Built and managed to cash flow, this building and the approach sets a new standard for student housing in St. Paul and incredibly efficient management which began in the planning process for energy efficiency, quality of life living and enough conveniences to assist students during their undergraduate and graduate years.


Max Schwartzmen and Sam Daoud of MRG Realty Partners were chosen and hired Exclusively on a Buyer Broker Representation Agreement to find and source a willing seller of upscale St. Paul well managed Apartment Buildings, to be purchased in a Portfolio Format. The Buyer wanted a Boutique Brokerage relationship that could provide Expertise, the Ability to Scale,  and Property Management Services.  Using MRG’s contacts, the buyer got Premier Financing, Expertise through out the process, and Exceptional Management.  The properties were smoothly transitioned with the assistance of a Premier local owner and Seller. The existing focus is on the tenants, new ownership group and most importantly hitting the Budgeted and Pro Forma figures.


1944 Lexington Ave North, St. Paul

MRG Realty Partners first contact with this building was back in 2013. Coming out of a bank foreclosure, MRG Realty Partners arranged a sale and began the work of repositioning the asset with more up to date and capable tenants. Sold once again, the stabilization process was completed with strong NNN tenants and MRF Asset Management still manages the building to this date.


1232 Marshal Avenue St. Paul

Acquired through an MRG Realty Partners Fund, this 6 unit building is currently managed by MRF Asset Management and is under-going as needed renovations and is being converted to CSP Student Housing. Plans for finalizing rents and coordinating the timing of leases to match student and campus needs also involves the coordination and timing of a new building next door on the empty lot to be built as market demand requires.


3019 11th Avenue Minneapolis, MN

MRG Realty Partners acting with a long-standing client organized the purchase of this 12 unit, ideally laid out 1 BR apartments. After upgrades to the structure including adding a laundry room, updating units, and modifying lease forms from previous ownership, the building is now running at the lowest expense ratio possible fully stabilized.


1523 Como Avenue SE, Minneapolis MN

After managing this mixed-use building for over 4 years, MRG Realty Partners was hired exclusively by both the Seller and the Prospective buyer to arrange a sale. Completed on 12/31/18, Things to Come LLC (a wholly-owned entity of MRG Realty Partners) hired MRF Asset Management to perform the oversight and management duties. Located in an Opportunity Zone, Under Minneapolis’s new 2040 Zoning Corridor Concept, the building is stabilized with 6 residential units and 4 Commercial units. Ultimately, this building will be listed for sale at the right time.


MRG and MRF Asset Management was hired to work with arguably one of the most sophisticated and diligent owners in the twin cities. When purchased, the property condition caused it to border on being razed. The discussion was had. In the end, everyone felt if we could reposition this 4 unit, with the proper finishes, up to date technology, and incredible marketing efforts. The agreed upon objective was to demonstrate to the large pool of smaller investors, that a completely renovated, completely repositioned asset could command the highest rents and be managed well below 40% on expenses. Once demonstrated, the property was brought to market and it commanded the highest price for a 4 Plex at the time of sale.


The Lexington – 1096 Grand Ave, St. Paul

Known for decades as “a seen and be seen” dining venue in the Twin Cities, it was shut down after ownership changes and poor management.MRG Realty Partners was hired on an Exclusive Representation Agreement by the most respected private restaurant group in the Twin Cities to organize a sale of the property.  After weeks of negotiations, MRG’s Client was successful in taking control of the real estate in complicated operating unit arrangement and deed transfer. Twelve months later, the Lexington re-opened under the direction and vision of fantastic operators.  Once again, after many long years the Lexington was voted the #1 Restaurant in the Twin Cities


Located on the corner of Excelsior Boulard and France Avenue, MRG Realty Partners was hired to position the under-utilized building with a renowned address for sale. The building had major challenges, and after MRG’s dedicated efforts the proper owner was found, the building was completely over-hauled and updated and a long term tenant moved in.


The Aldrich 8

It seemed that nearly everyone in the cities knew of this property.  After several failed attempts by other brokerages and agents to sell the property, MRF Asset Management was hired to turn this building around – albeit with major challenges, including fire damage, roofing issues, and the list goes on. Preparing a Capital Expenditure Budget, and doing significant repairs entirely out of the existing Operating Funds, MRG finally listed the property and after many showings through a critical referral finally secured a sale for this time piece of a property located in the heart of it all.  Persistence, Expertise and a laser focus on tenants and ownership allowed all parties to achieve their desired results.