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What We Do

Our Ownership, Brokers, and Agents are experienced at becoming a critical team member when it comes to helping clients Build, Manage and Continue to Modify Real Estate Portfolio’s. Large or Small.

We have mastered, what we know is a now a lost art – the Art of Listening. Rarely do all investors or sellers have the same goals. Rarely can they work with the same speed or expertise. It is a complete range. We have assisted small groups who began not long ago build and now manage $80,000 – $150,000 in Gross Receipts across several real estate categories. We have assisted in the repositioning of portfolio’s across a several year period to achieve the goals of ownership. We have clients who will not do a deal without our involvement. We believe that real estate still revolves around relationships, and that’s what we build. We can text and email with the best of them, but we also feel like dialoguing in person is critical to keeping relationships strong.

Our use of the most up to date technology tools, and proprietary custom applications we use in house – allows us to service our clients on sales and dispositions to achieve maximum results in the most convenient manner possible.

Our exceptional and high quality “Deal Flow” is second to none.  It is not uncommon on a weekly basis for the MRG Category Groups to uncover 10-20 deals with willing sellers. Ownership believes that well organized Vetted Opportunities are what every investor needs above all else. We deliver.